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Are You Looking to Benefit From Selling Your House Fast For Cash?

We can help by buying your property with our reliable cash house buyer service.

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We buy houses throughout the UK

Here at Repossession Stoppers we provide a professional and reliable service for people looking to sell their house in a cash only transaction – quickly.

We can buy any type of property, flat or apartment in any location and in any condition throughout the United Kingdom (England & Wales). Our service is open to all UK homeowners who want a hassle free house sale.

By selling your house with us
and you’ll benefit from the following:

  • No estate agent, solicitors or commission fees to pay.
  • A professional and reliable property sale.
  • A guaranteed completion date you decide upon.
  • A flexible service – you decide when you wish to sell and move
  • The option to stay in your home after the sale under our popular FSA approved and regulated sell and rent back scheme.
  • No chain breaks – we guarantee to complete.
  • A guaranteed cash price offer.

We can offer a varity of house sale solutions to suit your needs

Even if you are in negative equity or have a mortgage shortfall, or if you are in mortgage arrears we have a range of solutions that means you can still sell and move on.

Multiple house sale offers ensure you get the best quote available

Unlike other cash house buying organisations on the internet we are not tied to any one property buyer – infact we work closely with a select few professional cash buyer organisations throughout the UK who are follow and uphold our quality guidelines – this helps to ensure you get the best price when you sell your house with Repossession Stoppers..

Compare The Benefits of our Service

When selling your house with us, it is one of the most reliable ways you can sell your home when a quick sale is required. Because there is no mortgage or finance involved, the sale completes much faster than traditional methods such as via an estate agents. or online house sale websites..

No selling fees to pay – 0% commission & we pay for your costs too

Our service is on a ‘no fees’ basis for all house sellers – this means you can avoid expensive estate agent fees which can be up to a staggering 4% of the property value, plus your legal fees and all the extra mortgage payments you will make whilst waiting for the sale to go through – altogether this could take thousands off your final sale price.

Trying to sell your home on open market?

Our seller and vendor enquiries are at the moment telling us that houses are often taking up to 12-18 months and longer to sell via estate agents on the open market due to a low and stagnant house market. This comes as no surprise to us as we constantly receive feedback from our customers and explains why our cash house buying service has become so popular lately for those who are looking to sell their home quickly.

Unlike selling your house via traditional methods, selling via provides offers typically within 24 hours or less.

Avoid selling on the open market and save on fees – complete quicker

You can often have to wait weeks, if not months for a viewing, let alone for offers to arrive via an estate agent. Even when these offers do start to arrive initially they come in at around 10-20% below the asking price, further more buyers who know sellers need to sell quickly can significantly reduce their offer at the 11th hour or withdraw their offer altogether unless the low offer is accepted. We promise once we finalise our offer with you, there will be no last minute deductions or changes.

Why deal with us?

People who want to sell using our service are usually looking for a quick, straight-forward sale. There could be many reasons for this, repossession proceedings, new job, house chain, inheritance and frankly the reason is not something we are concerned with (we deal with countless enquiries every day, and experience has taught us that the reason for a quick sale is shouldn’t – and doesn’t – affect the offer you receive).Learn more about our cash buyer’s here.

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