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2013 Update: Selling your home as a cash sale can be an quick and easy alternative to selling on the open market in 2013. We receive many enquiries about the cash buyer service we offer here at Repossession Stoppers and January 13 has been a busy period. With the right advice and considering all your options – selling for your home this way can the right way forward.

Many people sell their homes for different reasons – often it is because they are finding it difficult to sell their home on the open market – via an estate agent for example.

For some people – the thought of having to go through the stress of selling their home is too much, especially if the home is being sold via probate (due to a family loss) or due to repossession proceedings and speed is required to save the family home from the mortgage lender or bank.

Some of the benefits include:

  • A sale within days – not months or even years via traditional methods.
  • Genunine cash buyers – no mortgage required
  • Cash in your bank within days
  • You can move-on and dont have to worry about having your property on the market.

We have produced some interesting and factual information here and also here on the sales process for you to read. However, if you need to learn more then please speak to us and we’ll be please to go over what options you may have in selling your property.

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Best Wishes, John

Best Wishes, John

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