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About Cash House Buyers

Our Professional Investors Buy Houses For Cash

The cash buyers we work with are all professionals who have many years of experience with buying and selling houses, both for investment purposes and for property trading. They are reliable experts in buying houses and will guarantee a quick and hassle free sale.

With abundant cash resources available our cash buyers do not need to hang around, once a offer has been accepted the sale can be completed in a matter of days. There will be no last minute hitches, no broken promises and certainly no broken chains – you will always know where you stand and you will deal with the buyer directly, with no middlemen!

Nothing But A Professional House Buying Service

If requested our cash buyers can provide you with a formal written cash offer which may help your case if you are facing court action. As our cash buyers are property professionals, they can buy houses, like Buy Fast that mortgage companies try to avoid, for instance houses in need of major structural repairs, damp problems, subsidence or awkward tenants.

As an extra benefit all the fee’s associated with selling your house are paid by us, which means the offer you receive is the actual amount you get, which avoid you having to pay estate agents fees, legal fees, hips fees, etc..

Due to the sheer volume of house sales our investors deal with a viewing will not normally be necessary before you receive a cash offer – except in some cases with particularly old property, and houses with structural problems, a viewing may be necessary. If a viewing is necessary it will be discrete and at a time to suit you – and will typically result in an offer for you there and then.

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