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How Long Will It Take To Sell My House?

Question: Hello, I have just submitted an online application and I am really keen to get things moving. Can you please tell me when I will be called and if I agree with your offer how long it will take to sell my house and for you to transfer the cash? Will you pay off my mortgage and transfer the rest of the cash to me all in the same day? Do I need to wait for any surveys? As I said in my enquiry I don’t have much time so I just want to be sure everything will happen quick enough. Thanks repossession-stoppers if you manage to sort this mess out for me in time I will be very happy – Bev, North London.

Our Answer…

Hi Bev, I have just spoken to our customer services and I can confirm they have your cash sale application and are working on an offer for you, they said they intend to contact you within the next 2 hours, so you may well have received it by now. To clarify our position, we are basically waiting on your go ahead – once you accept our offer we will instruct the solicitors to “do there legal thing” if we require a survey we usually arrange for that to happen whilst the solicitors are at work – so there is no delay there. Then basically it comes down to you and how quickly you can move out. I am told you don’t require a rent back, so I assume you have already made accommodation arrangements – so in that cash you should expect the sale to go through in a week or 2. We do have the ability to push this though faster if required, but I notice this is well within your timescale specified on your enquiry, so I assume you are happy with this!

I hope this helps to put your mind at rest, if not just drop us a line back or give us a call. We are delighted we can “sort this mess” out for you. And I am also delighted that you have the strength to take a positive step forward to make the most out of a bad situation. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate. Answers And Advice

The answers above are provided in good faith, to the best of our knowledge. Whilst we always try to be accurate, we can not guarantee there legal accuracy. For that reason we recommend that in addition you carry out your own research and / or seek professional legal advice.

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