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How Much Does It Cost To Sell My House?

Question: Hello, I have been looking over your website and I want to double check with you exactly how much it will cost to sell my house? I notice on your homepage that you say there are no fees to pay, including estate agent fees, legal fees and even my HIPS packs? Is this correct? Is there a limit upon how much of these costs you will cover? One other company similar to yours said there where no fees to pay – but they limited the costs for £400 which didn’t even cover the legal fees. So please could you clarify exactly what the charges will be in advance? Thank you in advance – Mel, Edinburgh.

Our Answer…

Hi Mel, Thanks for your email. I can confirm we cover all your solicitor fees associated with selling your home (assuming it is a fairly straight forward sale) there are no estate agents fees applicable (as we are not estate agents and we do not use them – you sell directly to our cash buyers) this saves you in the region of £2,000 – £5,000 alone. ourselves do not charge for the service either. So I hope this puts your mind at rest, that when we say “no fees” we mean no fees…

Usually we find people who use our service save quite a lot in ‘selling fees’, not to mention the sooner a house is sold the sooner the mortgage interest stops building up – which for average sized house can be around £1000 per month! Typically, all together most people will save about £10,000 if you take the average traditional estate agent sale to take about 5 months – obviously though if the chain falls though it will take much longer (recent statistics shows that 1 in 3 chains fall though)

The best thing to do would be to submit the cash offer request form to get an idea how much we would pay for your house then you can work out what your best option is from there. Answers And Advice

The answers above are provided in good faith, to the best of our knowledge. Whilst we always try to be accurate, we can not guarantee there legal accuracy. For that reason we recommend that in addition you carry out your own research and / or seek professional legal advice.

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