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  1. Voluntary Repossession Letter Advice

    If you are considering handling back the keys to your mortgage or lender under a voluntary repossession and are looking to write a letter then we would urge you to consider all the options that may be open to you. Voluntary repossession isn’t the right and best way forward for everybody who is facing financial […]

  2. Repossession Hearing

    What is a repossession hearing & what happens? Before you attend the hearing it is important that you obtain some free advice with someone (such as us) who understands the repossession hearing process and what is involved. The repossession hearing is a legal meeting that takes place in the court and is carried out by […]

  3. Filling In The Defence Form

    How to fill in and complete the defence form for house repossession proceedings The defence form will require you to complete a number of questions regarding your personal circumstances such as: – Your total debts. – Your total income. – Your expenses – and how much you spend on things such as utilities, food and […]

  4. The Repossession Procedure & Process

    We are often asked “What is the house repossession procedure?” & “How does the house repossession process work?” Firstly your mortgage lender or bank will normally write to you to tell you that you are in default of your mortgage payments and state the amount owed/to pay. They will also ask you to call or […]

  5. House Repossession Tips

    Are you struggling to pay your mortgage and facing potential house repossession right now? Firstly don’t panic – these 10 simple points below are the most important to consider. If in doubt then please contact us. 1: Talk to eveyone concerned – your bank, mortgage lender, your family. Get advice from trusted sources such as […]

  6. More updates for January 2013

    We have recently been updating more and more of our pages to reflect the changes in repossession law and best practices for 2013. The following pages below have all been recently edited and updated. Home repossession pages Mortgage lender wanting to sell your house Mortgage arrears and shortfall on mortgage payments Your repossession legal rights […]