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  1. Updated Q&A pages

    We have recently updated the Q&A pages on the website with new examples and case studies.

  2. Giving up on your home

    We have been recently received more and more enquiries about people wanting their home repossessed under a voluntary arrangement (known as voluntary repossession) – this means that you are effectively handing back the keys to the lender. We want to stress that this isn’t neccessary your only option – and there are many other considerations […]

  3. Repossession information you can trust

    If you require help and are searching for repossession information and advice then you have come to the correct place. helps thousands of home owners who require help and information regarding repossession and the the process process here in the UK. Our team of repossession advisors provide assistance on repossession laws (UK), voluntary home […]

  4. New and updated site goes live

    We are pleased to announced that our new and re-designed site is now officially live! We hope to bring your more repossession news and information as well as useful house selling advice.