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Trapped by Your Bank – Mortgage Offer Ends, But Your Lender Can’t Offer you Another Deal (Case Study: High Street Bank)

Sorry we are unable to offer you a better rate at this time (case study: Northern Rock Remortgage Trap) We have all heard it on the news, about all the people who took out a 100% mortgage with Northern Rock – well, as we first warned eariler this year a significant number of people coming of fixed rate deals can’t afford their high standard variable rate. To add insult to injury, there are no other 100% mortgages available so transfering to a cheaper lender is not an option.

This left Mr & Mrs Young Couple is a tricky situation to say the least. After much thought and many emails back and forth with help and advice about mortgage arrears and repossession they decided the best plan of action would be to sell their home quickly for cash and move in to rented accommodation “whilst the dust settled”.

They found a rental property really quick, and turns out they save over £300 per month renting instead of buying!!

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