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Wanted: UK Cash Property Buyers

Professional Cash Property Buyers All Area of the UK

If you own or run a professional cash property buying business and would like to become a partner please contact us today.

There are no joining fees and we do not profit or sell customer details to you. All we ask is that you provide a considerate and efficient service as outlined on our website. You are strictly prohibited from passing on Repossession-Stoppers enquiries on to any third party. All new partners will be carefully vetted. Please note we are only considering national property buyers at this time.

Please use our standard enquiry form and include your company details in the further details box and someone will contact you.

A Hassle-free Service And A Fair Cash Offer

The process is very simple, and removes of a lot of hassle. There are no real estate agents involved, so no sale boards go up in your garden or at the front of your house and there are no agent fees or commissions for you to pay out.

As far as dealing with cash property buyers is concerned, all you have to do is fill out our ‘Quick Cash Sale’ form and wait for a buyer to make you an offer, typically this can take just 24 hours. Upon completion you will receive the cash for your property quickly and easily.

The cash offer you will receive for your house will be the ‘trade price’ of your property’s current market value (in cash). So if you want to sell a property in a short amount of time, then our cash property buyers could be just what your looking for.

Cash Property Buyers – All Areas of the UK

Typically a cash buyer is a property investor or professional property trader and here at, we represent a select group of professional investors and traders such as, who is a reputable and well known in the industry as a fast – cash house buyer. We only deal investors and quick sell operators who pass our quality guidelines and for whom we know to provide good customer service and will offer a fair price for your house.

Reasons For Selling Property To Cash Buyers

We don’t need to know the reason why you want to sell your house for cash, and we never ask, but from experience we know the main reasons are financial difficulties, including the threat of repossession, bereavement, family relocation or emigration and of course property chain breaking.

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