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Filling In The Defence Form

How to fill in and complete the defence form for house repossession proceedings

The defence form will require you to complete a number of questions regarding your personal circumstances such as:

– Your total debts.
– Your total income.
– Your expenses – and how much you spend on things such as utilities, food and transport costs.

It is also at this stage that you should let the court know if you are in the process of or trying to sell your house. Provide them with details of the sale documents and information on the solicitors and estate agents you are using. Ask the court to delay the court proceedings to give you enough time to sell your house.

Ensure that the court is YOUR local court – if not then ask for a transfer.

Ensure that all the forms are finished and complete by the 14 days.

Any information you provide the court may effect the courts decision at the hearing. Ensure that you provide as much details as you possibly can on the form and return it ASAP!.

After the court has recieved the defence form they will usually

– Advise you of the time that the repossession hearing will take place.
– Provide you with an “affidavit” which is a legal document that shows you how much you owe the bank or your mortgage lender. This will include information on the interest owed and the terms and condtions of your mortgage. Read this document and ensure that everything on it is factually correct – if it isn’t then write to the court straight away to explain why.

If you are selling your house then the repossession hearing my be “adjourned” – which means that it has been put on hold until a time in the future that allows you to sell your home.

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