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How Can I Sell My House Fast…?

Buy my house fast…please!

We recently received an email from a lady who was looking to sell their house fast and were looking for a cash sale. Their property had been on the market with the local estate agent for nearly 2 years. Now, thats an incredible amount of time to have your house stuck waiting to sell for anyone!

The lady in question need to sell quickly as they were due to emigrate abroad in the new year and the house sale (or lack of) was holding up all of their plans for moving away and they needed to raise money from the sale to use as part of their plans. They have had little interest in the property and she said that while the house was in general good condition, it did require some general modernisation and light decoration to bring it up to standard.

We knew we would be able to help and we arranged to discuss her plans and see how quickly she needed to sell up and we discussed a guaranteed cash offer to buy the house.

We explained that we could buy her house from her and arrange to complete the sale in time for her to move away. We would then arrange to complete the sale within 6 weeks.

Best Wishes, John

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