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Repossession Stoppers can provide an offer in less than 24 hours. We totally understand the problems and frustrations which can arise if you can not find a buyer for your property in your time frame using the traditional methods.

As time is of the essence and you need to sell your house today to eliminate your property selling problems. We can provide a cash offer in 24 hours please just fill in the form on this page and we will do the rest.

Traditional Tips Which Help To Sell Your House in A Hurry

If you are already using an estate agent and you want to maximise their effectiveness, the following tips from our experts may help. Please note, our own cash buying service does not normally require a viewing.

  • Make sure your property is advertised
    Many estate agents will put off advertising your property for the first few weeks and only market your property to people already registered with them. This avoids advertising costs if the buyer comes from their own mailing list. This greatly reduced your property’s exposure and can delay you finding a buyer, so insist your property is advertised from the start.
  • First impressions are vital
    Tidy up the front garden, the drive, even the pavement if you have to. It might also be worth casting an eye over to your neighbours house – are they also well presented? It should not matter, but it all helps to create a feel for the property.
  • Parking, off-road parking and driveways
    Cars should be parked on the driveway, ensuring if possible enough room is left for the person coming to do the viewing and invite them to park on your drive. If you do not have a drive, but do have off-road parking or shared parking – have a word with your neighbour to ask if they can help to keep the spot vacant. Cars parked outside the front of the property should be relocated, including that of your neighbours if possible to create a look of space.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses
    Make sure they are clean and polished. I quick tip for making your tiling look new and fresh is to buy a grout pen available from most DIY stores to cover up an stubborn staining – this provides an instant pick up for an old looking bathroom or kitchen. Other quick fixes to freshen up kitchens and bathrooms cheaply are: New lino if used, new shower curtain, new cupboard handles, fold (don’t hang) towels.
  • Create space, de-clutter and de-personalise
    Over time your house fills with items which you find attractive. In particular, photo frames of your family and friends. 90% of these should be removed. This will de-clutter and create space, and by removing your personal trophies your potential buyers will find themselves more able to imagine the house are their own.
  • Invite offers above a guide price
    In a slow market you need to attract the most number of buyers possible. A high price is not going to get people through the door. By advertising a guide price with ‘offers over’ at the bottom end of your expectations you should get several bidders interested which will push the price up.
  • Dropping your price
    If your property hasn’t generated much interest at the current price it may well be because buyers think it is over priced / not good value. If you need to drop the price you should do so by at least 10%.
  • Lighting, natural and artificial
    Cleaning the windows is the cheapest and most effective way to make rooms look brighter and lighter. Swapping bright bulbs for softer light will also help to create a more calming environment, as will careful positioning of lamps and candles.
  • Cats and dogs
    Whilst most people will have some type of pet at some time in our lives – we all have different opinions on their place within the home. Whilst it might be perfectly normal to feed the cat on the worktop for you, this might be a big turn-off for your potential buyer if they don’t like cats, likewise with dogs on sofas, etc.
  • Fixtures and fittings
    People will usually ask if certain things are included in the sale so you should think carefully about this before they arrive. Being able to save a few last positives for the end of the viewing will help to ensure your potential buyers leave on a high. So when they ask if certain things are included in the sale you have 3 options. You can say no, you can say yes but at an extra cost, or yes they are included. Based on the assumption your potential buyers have only asked because they find said item appealing it maybe wise just to say yes if it helps to achieve the highest price (you could always then go an replace the items!)

What to Expect If You Sell Your House to Cash Buyers

If you need to sell your house today, or as fast as possible then the main thing you need to look for is a cash buyer. Well congratulations – because you have just found one. specialises in buying property for cash, in fact we rarely purchase in any other way. This is good news for you because as cash buyers we can move much quicker and are more flexible then other property buyers who normally need to rely on a mortgage lender for their funds.

Typically a cash property buyers can complete a sale in 2 weeks or less, whilst buyer using a mortgage will need around 2 months minimum to complete all the required checks before the lender will release the money. Fast cash buyers though are very sought after in the property market, as they are able to break a long / fragile property chain, help people move quickly, and buy property which normal mortgage lenders will not allow lending for, i.e property with subsidence.

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