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If you are considering handling back the keys to your mortgage or lender under a voluntary repossession and are looking to write a letter then we would urge you to consider all the options that may be open to you.

Voluntary repossession isn’t the right and best way forward for everybody who is facing financial difficuties or facing the repossession of their home.

Did you know that after handing back the keys, you will still be liable for any mortgage arrears or shortfall and other debts that may occur?

Simply giving back your home dosen’t remove the problem and for many people it simply makes matters far worse as they find that their debts increase and they lose their home in the process. Please consider all your options before you make any firm decisions to hand back your home.

If you are considering this option then we would kindly request that you give us a call to see if there is an alterntive and better solution for you. We understand the repossession process and will gladly advise you on what options you have and will work with you to try and find a better solution.

We have helped hundreds of people facing home repossession and we may be able to help you too!

Best Wishes, John

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