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How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

Question: I have a traditional styled house in a good location. I have lived in this house for 15 years and so it does require some modernization, mainly the bathrooms. The kitchen is fairly new and the decoration is tasteful throughout. I need to know how I can sell my house quickly as we want to move closer to my elderly parents. I put my house up for sale with an estate agent 9 months ago, and we where stuck in a chain for 5 of those and now the chain has collapsed. So now all I want to do is sell my house as quick as possible. Can you tell me if you can help? – Jane, Avon.

Our Answer…

Hi Jane, Firstly I am sorry to here your chain collapsed after already waiting 5 months. An Estate Agent friend once told me 1 in 3 chains collapse so it is no wonder you are not relishing the idea of going back there.

You do not mention in your email if you need to buy some where near your parents or are planning on renting – so I will assume your accommodation there is not an issue to keep things simple. You say you want to sell your house “as quick as possible” so my best suggestion would be to only deal with cash buyers, or first time buyers who can show you a mortgage approval certificate (word of caution here: in the current market mortgage lenders have been known to pull their mortgage deals rendering these certificate useless so check the date is recent).

Typically cash buyers are still your more reliable option, the kind of time frame you are realistically looking at is around 2-3 weeks for a cash buyer and 6-8 weeks for a first time buyer. It does also depend how motivated the buyers are. specialise in buying houses for cash quickly so if you would like to sell your house quickly with us click on this quick cash sale link. Answers And Advice

The answers above are provided in good faith, to the best of our knowledge. Whilst we always try to be accurate, we can not guarantee there legal accuracy. For that reason we recommend that in addition you carry out your own research and/or seek professional legal advice.

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